Fanny Werner explored a number of musical genres before she fully devoted herself to the one genre that most resembles her: Jazz. Influenced by the greatest jazz singers (Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Anita O’Day), she leaves a complete freedom for her sensitivity as she performs jazz standards with a voice sweet and sensual, filling great classics with a new warmth. She easily sings in English as well as in French… a voice that will make you feel as if travelling around the world.

Fanny Werner is a voice : full, generous, sensitive, powerful yet delicate. A place awaits her in the stardom of the world’s great talents.

Yves Buin

This young singer is well in the tradition, that of a music made for the body and the heart. She swings without never losing a rare quality of emotion. To be discovered!

Jean-Michel Proust

Fanny Werner charms with her refreshing swing and spontaneous voice.

Pascal Anqueti